Visitors Book

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Just a short note to compliment you all on a great Symposium. You guys certainly pulled out all the stops. The delegates were very chuffed with the Symposium and all that was offered to them. The KNP has once again showed it is an excellent venue for an event of this nature. The organisation was brilliant and a good shop window for our industry and what it can achieve

Allen Duncan – CEO - Golden Macadamias – IMS2015
Thanks for putting on a great event – I really enjoyed the week and the location was fantastic!

Henrik Christiansen – Group Operations Manager – Buderim Ginger – IMS2015
We just want to thank you for the fantastic organising of your team at the Macadamia symposium. They were always calm, friendly and relaxed (! Wow! ). The venues were amazing on the pre tour. Saturday was particularly wonderful. It was the small touches that were impressive- the general tour guide on the bus, free water on the bus in a cool box, the “always open” coffee station, and drinks bar at the conference, the “help yourself” water fridge, the ease the rugby was organised, the gift bag with a torch for seeing where to go in the camp, the elegant and South African-ness of the décor…… And we are all now on a diet- the food was plentiful and tasty!
Thanks again for making the Mac Symposium memorable, and representing us South Africans so well to our international guests.

Richard, Veroni, and Tanya - Immergrun Farm – IMS2015
Good morning to the Dream Team! Our expectations and those of the delegates were greatly exceeded. The Symposium came at just the right time for our industry and all the people I have had feedback from have only praise for the Going Africa Conferencing, the venue and Park.
You guys really did us proud and if it was up to me, would make this an annual event! Massimo and is wife Caterina say that this was the best Symposium they have ever attended (and they do many worldwide!)

Carl Henning – Chairman of SAMAC – IMS 2015
Good morning, thank you Kathy for the good organized venue and professional service at all times. Congratulations on an successful symposium.

Franco Pieterse – delegate – IMS2015
Very well organized Symposium. Many Thanks to you and your team.

Satinder – delegate – IMS2015
Just a short note to congratulate you and your team for the successful Symposium last week!! I have not listed all involved, as I simply don’t know who they all were, but a hearty congratulations to all those responsible, and especially the “Going Africa Conferencing” team. I honestly did not hear any negative comments, and congratulate you all on a very professional show case for our industry, well done!! The Gala dinner was a stunning finale to a to a really successful few days!!

Jill Whyte – CEO – Green Farms Nut Co. Pty Ltd – IMS2015
We got back to Australia safe and sound on Monday night. I would just like to thank you and your teams for hospitality and a really successful and great conference - one of the best ones I have been to. The trip to South Africa has been a wonderful experience all in all, particularly the opportunity to see your unique wild life. Again, thank you for making this time special.

Dr Ruth Huwer – delegate – IMS 2015
The Brazilians had a good time during the IMS and we enjoyed a lot South Africa. The IMS was very good from the field trips to the conference. Congratulations for all of your team for the hard work on making everything to be so great.

Leonardo Moriya - Farm Manager - Queen Nut Macadamia Brazil – IMS2015
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for another extremely well organised Symposium. This is the 3rd one I've attended that your company has organised and you guys don’t stop failing to amaze me. Everything ran very well and I only heard very positive comments from the attendees I interacted with. Very well done and keep up the great work.

Andrew Pearce – delegate – IMS2015
We left a day early to be with the kids, so I didn’t really have time to thank you for ALL your hard work and time to organize this event! You thought of everything, the food was excellent - a pity we missed the gala dinner! - Skukuza was a pleasant surprise and all the events were so well presented. All the Aussie delegates that we spoke to, thought it was just the best. We are all proud of the South African standard.

Marianne – delegate – IMS2015
Many thanks and well done Kathy. Beautifully organised event!

Peter Hughes – delegate – IMS2015
Thank you GAC! Wonderful to work with you ladies, thank you for consistently going the extra mile. We do this again in two years’ time.

Dr Jopie de Beer – CEO JvR – JvRACP2015
Hi Kathy, Susie and the rest of the GAC team. You are awesome!! Thank you so much for a wonderful conference. You made a lot of memories!! Hope you get some well-deserved rest!

Dr Karina de Bruin – delegate – JvRACP2015
After last week’s Congress of Psychology at Skukuza, it took us a few days to get into our customary job rhythms.
The purpose of our message is to convey our utmost and sincere gratitude to everybody who has been involved on the organisation side of the abovementioned conference. From our first-time liaison with Alexis, Susie, Nicola, Morné, Hofmeyer, Jani, Karina, Anneke and many others, till our continuous waving as we departed from the Nombolo Mdhluli Conference Centre, it has been a professionally orchestrated, joyous and most memorable occasion. We can’t stop talking about the delegate pack, our conference bags (and its most enticing variety of items), the conference venue, the food, the programme, the drinks, the entertainment, the welcoming function, the boma event, the out-in-the-bush-evening, the keynote presentations, the music, other presentations, networking opportunities with various participants, the displays, the demonstrations, your friendliness and kindness – in fact the whole Congress. It was simply a flawless and magnificent occasion and we thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot from it.
We were really very fortunate to have been a part of the 2015 JvR Africa Congress of Psychology at Skukuza. We’d like to pay our tribute to and salute everyone at JvRAfrica, including the remarkable Jopie van Rooyen herself, on a job very, very well done! If the biennial nature of the conference is maintained, we will aspire to see you at this event in 2017. Kind regards and please don’t stop what you’re doing. You’re making a huge difference to the world.

Prof Gerrie J Jacobs – speaker – JvRACP2015
I just wanted to write a quick note thanking you for the wonderful conference experience. Everything was superbly organised and arranged. I don’t even want to imagine the amount of work that must have gone into planning and executing such an event. I learned so much and have been truly stimulated in terms of thought, questions and future initiatives needed in the South African context. I wish you a wonderful day further and hope that you get some well-deserved rest.

Kersha – delegate – JvRACP2015
I wanted to thank you personally for the wonderful conference you organised. The venue and the food were fantastic - I loved the barista (how nice to get a great cappuccino throughout the day...). The IT guys were amazing, and the gala dinner was out of this world. Also, great choice on the entertainment. I am sure I could go on and on... And then of course the two of you (and your team) - service with a smile throughout the entire conference. I don't think there was anybody who wasn't totally impressed. Thank you, you made this conference really special!

Elke – delegate – JvRACP2015
I, as a delegate and exhibitor, wish to thank you and your team at Going Africa for the organization of the SAGA 2015 edition. A very smooth show. Well done and congrats!

Best regards,
Laurent Ameglio – CEO - Gyro Lag – SAGA2015

I enjoyed the entire conference, and pass on sincere thanks for all you and your colleagues have done to make this a most pleasant and fulfilling meeting. I hope to make it to the next meeting, and I look forward to that.

Ian MacLeod – Chief Technologist – Geosoft – SAGA2015
Just thought I would congratulate you on yet another SAGA conference extremely well done. You and your team obviously have the knack to do a good. Keep up the good work! Hope to see you at the next SAGA conference

Reiner – Director – Dooferware – SAGA2015
Thanks so much for hosting the conference. It was wonderful with great opportunities for business and network building. Keep up the good work. We meet in Cape Town!

Joseph Zulu – delegate – SAGA2015
Again thanks for the brilliant week in the Berg! We really enjoyed it.

Dr J Limburg – Director – Medusa Sensing BV – SAGA2015
I simply wanted to express again my deep appreciation for all your efforts in coordinating the SAGA 2015 Conference at the Champagne Sports Resort in Drakensberg. You and your staff did an excellent job of communication and organizing this event. All aspects of our time in the Champagne Valley were wonderful – with an excellent venue, meals, technical program, exhibition, and especially the evening activities. The Drakensberg Boys Choir was a treat. The Zulu dancers were both unique and energizing. And the Medieval Gala dinner was first-rate in every respect. This conference is always memorable in large part due to the close and intimate settings chosen. Your support of this event is much appreciated. I also want to thank you for your personal help to me and our company (Lockheed Martin) in working through the sponsorship and logistic arrangements. The feedback I heard was that everyone had a great time at the gala and the conference was a rousing success. I look forward to seeing you again at another SAGA event in South Africa.

Dan DiFranceseco – CEO - Lockhead Martin – SAGA2015
To GAC, I thought the AIP workshop and entire conference was one of the best I have attended.

Leif Cox – delegate – SAGA2015
Now that the conference is over, I so would like to thank you for organizing such a great event. I had an amazing time on so many different level. This conference was just perfectly orchestrated. Everyone was so friendly, and after talking to other people, I can tell you that I am not the only one to share that feeling. You really did a great job ! You also have a beautiful country, and beautiful people, so I really hope to be part of the next SAGA conference in Cape Town...

Caroline – delegate – SAGA2015