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I hereby state that Going Africa Conferencing played a major role in making the 7th International Macadamia Symposium (IMS) that was held in Skukuza on 11-13 August 2015 a success. All the feedback received indicated that this was the best IMS thus far. More than 400 delegates attended the symposium from 20 countries.
The IMS consisted of three main events, namely the pre-symposium tour which was held over a three day period in Mpumalanga, the symposium itself which ended with an extraordinary gala dinner and a post-symposium tour.
The Going Africa Conferencing team engaged with the organising committee on a regular basis as was needed. They are professional and attended to all the details that are necessary to make a big event like this run smoothly and successful.
We as Subtrop and SAMAC would highly recommend Going Africa Conferencing. Should there be a similar event in the future we will without doubt make use of them again.
For any enquiries, feel free to contact me.
Barry Christie

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It is with great pleasure that I write this reference for Going Africa Conferencing, as this is a group of young entrepreneurs who truly deserve recognition and stand apart from the run–of- the-mill conference organizers encountered in the corporate world.
Having attended more than one hundred conferences in my working career, I can honestly state that conferences and events planned and organized by GAC are unique and stand out from anything else I have ever experienced. They are simply on a different level, paying 24 hour attention not only to the smooth running of proceedings, but most importantly, also paying individual and personal attention to the delegates. I have found them absolutely professional and (most of all) reliable in distributing correspondence, monitoring registration of delegates, administering all financial matters, following up on sponsorships, chasing up stragglers and attending to all other matters essential for a successful event. GAC’s strength comes to the fore when organizing national and international events in remote places. All aspects, incorporating accommodation, transport, security etc. are scrutinized before recommending a particular venue to the Client. Food and drink, of the highest standard, can be provided, furniture supplied if extra items are required. The correct supply and functioning of audio-visual equipment is part of their standard responsibility and deliverables.
Social events, being an important part of most conferences, are expertly arranged and often include unique surprises, not often encountered elsewhere. If possible GAC supports the local community to be part of such social activities. Delegates’ bags contain useful and welcome little gifts demonstrating GAC’s personal attention with reference to the theme of the conference.
GAC is very flexible and welcome frequent consultation with the client to ensure that all the client’s objectives are met. Whether national, international, a small group of delegates or several hundred, I can thoroughly recommend using GAC as conference organizers anywhere in southern Africa, be it in a city or a remote location like a game reserve.
I wish them good luck and everything of the best in their future endeavours and expansion and development programmes.
E.O.Kostlin (Consulting Geophysicist)
(Conference Organizer in 2013 for the South African Geophysical Association’s 13th Biennial International Conference and chairperson of the 7th International AEM conferences)

P.O.Box 6148 Cresta 2118 South Africa

Tel : +27 (0)11 462 9220

Fax : +27 (0)11 462 9277

Mobile : +27 (0)82 651 9437

e-mail :

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This is a very professional company working and performing at very high levels in standard and we can truly say that there will be no dissappointment by entrusting them with your business.

Fields where Going Africa Conferencing really stood out in excellence are as follows:

– Professionalism
– Dedication
– Punctuality
– Honesty
– Going the extra mile

With Going Africa Conferencing one really will get going!

Sandra Stark

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